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There are many ways to have our services that will pair with the many needs you may have. We have packages that cater to Large spaces, Office spaces and even one for Pets! Whatever it is you desire for your home or business we are here to perform. Please feel free to search the packages we have below and if a question arises don’t hesitate to call!

Get GREEN Deep Clean Package

This package is for all of out first time clients be it a one time cleaning or beyond. We focus on the basics (ie: Dusting, Cleaning of baseboards) as well as some areas that may have been unintentionally neglected. Please remember that during the first clean we will be more detailed because of the fact we have never touched your space before, so timing could take longer. We want to make sure everything is spotless and meets your expectations.

Big GREEN Deep Clean Package

This package is for first time clients who have a larger home or space that needs to be cleaned. We offer this package at reduced price for those who follow under specific guidelines. It will include everything that is in the Get GREEN Deep Clean Package (deductions tailored to the size of your space).

GREEN Clean Office Package

Pure Holistik Cleaning also specializes in Office cleaning as well! So if you are a business owner that needs our team to come out and make your space employee and consumer friendly kindly give us a call for your free estimate! Your employees and consumers deserve an environment that matches your excellent services.

Get GREEN for Pets

We understand that some of us have family members who carry a little more fur than others and we cater to them also. You adore your pets and we do too! Some shed a lot more than others and leave their trail all over the place. But don’t worry, we are experts at making sure we tackle that tough job 🙂

Stay GREEN Package

Alright, we get it…You liked our services so much that you’d like us to stick around, and we’d love too! By staying in the family you are automatically switched over to the Stay GREEN Package where we reduce all of your future cleanings to a flat fixed rate. Another great thing about staying in the family is that you will have first dibs on ALL monthly discounts and giveaways. It just can’t get any better than this.

GREEN Add On’s

These packages are pretty specific and to the point. So should you need something that doesn’t fall in any of the above packages this ones for you. You will have the option of using this package to add to an existing one or use it to customize your very own package (From top to bottom your in complete control).

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